Future Plans

As of right now, this is what the to-do list looks like for the next few years...

  • Get a job in the Danville area if possible to start paying off student loans while getting involved and better acquainted with Edgewood Baptist.
  • Survey trip to Turkey sometime in the next year or so for 3-6 months to get a better idea of how to work over there on the ground and connect with contacts.
  • Begin seminary classes, at this point I am leaning heavily toward Southern in Louisville, KY. I plan to get an MDiv in Bible Translation and Missions.
  • Settle officially on a sending church.
  • Find a job in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Finish raising necessary support funds.
  • Move to Turkey. :)

After that the details are a little sketchy, but if you have any questions please contact me directly, I don't want to post more than that at this time.  Thanks for your prayers!