Thursday, April 7, 2011

Back to Classes

I've been back on campus a week or two now, and it's been good to get back into a routine and try to figure out being a full-time student again.
I'm currently in 4 classes:
-Contemporary Theology
-The Christian and the Arts
-Systematic Theology 4
-Christian Family

I'm also sitting in on a Greek Exegesis class and the Biblical Hermeneutics class just for kicks. :) It's neat to see God using specific classes in my life and know that He picked them out for me before I even registered for them.

On campus things are getting geared up for M Conference next week. We're still having classes, but we're fitting in sessions around them. Tonight also starts the Spring Play (The Matchmaker). It runs tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday night.

Sunday I was able to go back to my extension church for the first time since Asia, and Wednesday I was even able to go back to the jail Bible study. There were 2 ladies signed up and it was quite the night. One was already a believer and is growing and reading her Bible regularly. The other was definitely searching for answers and desperately in need of the truth. It was neat to see that the first was helping me share the truth with the other. We had a great discussion Wednesday and even went over the allotted time for the Bible study. We were able to go through the Gospel at least twice, and it was so awesome to see the power of God at work in others' lives. I now have met a sister in Christ who is serving her time at the local jail and will hopefully be much better prepared to serve God when she gets out and goes back to her family. Also, we are hoping to see another sister added to the family before she gets out soon. Please pray for these two as they face each day in lockup together, trying to deal with guards, the other prisoners, and just life in a cell. Sometimes it takes amazingly drastic circumstances for us to see that we need God, but sometimes we just need a gentle reminder.

That might be a little disjointed, but I'm thinking through a lot of stuff and need to process it before putting it out there for others to read.

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