Friday, March 25, 2011

Long Trek Home

So, the never-ending night at Bangkok's charming airport is over, as well as the 5-6 hour flight from Bangkok to Tokyo. I'm sitting in the Tokyo Narita International Airport, where they have finally given in and given free wi-fi at certain spots (thankfully it's right across from my gate). My flight for Chicago is supposed to leave at 5:40pm local time here, and supposed to arrive about 3:15pm Central time in Chicago. I'll have a couple hours in Chicago to clear immigration and customs and security again, get my bags headed the right direction, and then I'm leaving for Green Bay at 5p, should arrive there at 5:50pm. That's the end of the immediate flight plan, I would like to stay at northland for a while and catch my breath before graduation. :) Thanks everyone who's been praying for this trip, things have gone ok so far, other than a hangup in Bangkok again. :P Since I flew in Domestic Thai Air and had to switch to International and get my boarding passes, I couldn't check in until 4am, but I arrived at the airport at 5pm so I had a good 11-12 hour wait outside the security check in which is not as comfortable or familiar or having free wi-fi and was pretty crowded for most of the night. So it involved a lot of walking around trying to stay awake and guard my stuff and not get mugged, while holding on to my sanity at the same time. But God was good, He protected me all night and things went smoothly after check in. I am still not a big fan of Bangkok, but I am grateful to have made it through with fewer issues than last year. :) I'll try to update when I land at my final destination, but until then, please keep praying and thank you again, it makes a huge difference.

G&P to the Family.


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