Saturday, February 12, 2011

Trip up North and Back Again...

Well we're back from our 2 week training up north. We were able to conduct one Primer/Old Test. Storybook Training with one group the first week and then had a large class of almost 50 students for 2.5 days the second week, we also had a day of teacher training in a local English school run by some of our friends. That day was the biggest highlight to me of the entire two weeks, and it was the least planned and least expected. We were considering flying back to Yangon on Wednesday, but we ended up extending our training from Mon. to Wed. at lunch and then did the training at the school on Thursday and flew out Friday. Friday's flight took about all day to get there and though we were supposed to leave at 12 noon we ended up flying out at 4, flying to 2 hours, driving about an hour in the taxi and finally arriving "home" at 7pm that night. :) We'd been ready to go since about 9:30am so it was a long day of waiting, but it ended up being a good day of travel and I got to spend most of it talking with Kristy and our friends from here. God definitely didn't let my plans get in the way of His while we were away. Most days at least one or two, ranging up to possibly 10 things would go seemingly as far away from "according to plan" as possible, but it was always all right and we always got through. Two weeks of no hot water, limited electricity, stuffing ourselves with rice twice a day, and listening to drunk motorcyclists zooming past our hotel room each night until very late was great, but I must admit I am very glad to be back "home." We were glad to go, but very glad to return. As far as other news, this upcoming week will be New Test. checking with Uncle Ross, with a language group we weren't able to work with last time since there were some if you could remember to pr-y about that it would be helpful. The week after that isn't actually scheduled out for sure yet, it may be another storybook training at a college or we may be doing writer's training (first ever here). The week after that Kristy and I will be working on putting together a new literacy primer for another language group, and the week after that is our alternative week for the Writer's Training, we'll see how it goes. We just arrived back last night so we haven't quite regulated to the schedule/sleep/eating, etc. Thanks for all your pr-yers and please keep them coming. Because of our trip up north I am already 3 weeks behind in school and don't see catching up happening anytime soon. But He knows that too.

G&P to all the Family and Love to you all.


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