Sunday, January 23, 2011

Upcoming Week...

This upcoming week will be busy, I'll spend the first 3 days (M-W) with Uncle Ross doing NT revisions with F. After that I'll be tagging along with Kristy for Thurs. and Fri. to the B. College for F literacy. It will be busy again, but this week I'll be on cleanup crew T/TH/S/S so I won't be on supper prep at all until we get back from K. Jan. 31 we'll be flying to K for two weeks to do special training (both Connie's side of it and Kristy's) so that's what the next 3 weeks look like overall for us. The zoo was fun, the pagoda was heart-breaking, the hospital visit was like a pagoda visit only ten times stronger. The contrast between the brother in C we were going to see and the rest of the patients in the entire hospital was night and day. He was the only one who could smile, genuinely smile. It was such a raw view of harsh reality and the people out and about have nothing, but the people in the hospital have less than nothing. Nothing is free, they have to have relatives bring in food and buy their medicines to bring in, etc. Nothing is included. It's hard to look at the people's faces. They are less than hopeless. They are hopeless and hurting and there is nothing I can do directly to help them. It hurts to realize this again and again. You can't just walk through and be untouched by it all. Sitting on the balcony afterwards for a little while this evening i watched the sunset over the skyline of the city and was reminded of Jerusalem, when C wept over it because He wanted to embrace them as a mother hen, and yet they would not.

This whole country, He would love to embrace with the G-pel. Yet, so many of them will is sad, but it renews the passion within me to see this work accomplished, to keep it going all over the globe. There is something exciting about seeing the power of the Word, and this is one of the frontlines... That's all for now, I am getting tired after our marathon Sunday. Thanks for your "thoughts" they mean so much in the heat of the daily battle. Please continue to think of our team, for rest, for energy, for mental clarity, and on a practical level, i have a nasty headache that has been growing all day, so please pr-y that it lessens to the extent that it won't disrupt any of the workshops i'll be involved with this week. i've never had one like this before. But anyway, minor detail. :)

G&P to the Family.

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