Saturday, January 22, 2011

Trips to the Pagoda and the Zoo

We took about 45 minutes on Thursday night to go to see the largest Pagoda in the world. It is always an overwhelming experience. Once you look past the glitter and glammer of gold-plated towers, it's just a crowded place full of empty people. The faces, the eyes, they are cold and hardened. It hurts to watch people worship and have no hope. It's a very harsh experience if you are looking for reality. If you just want to see shiny statues, then it's not so hard to walk through unscathed.

Another trip we made this week was to the local zoo. We had to wait outside for a little while as they grabbed tickets for foreigners from another stand, because they had run out. Once inside the zoo, we got to walk right up to the enclosure for hippos, which was not that high, and they were selling food you could feed to them. :) Interesting. We also saw otters (which you could feed as well), monkeys, birds, deer (which would not be included if this zoo were in Wisconsin), mython, elephants, tigers, and much more. I got my picture taken with a black bear, and ended up riding an elephant with Miss Christy #2, which was a blast. :) Neither of us had ever ridden an elephant before, and both of us are rather tiny, so we were swaying back and forth inside the little platform they have mounted on its back, hanging on for dear life. :) It was quite a riot, even the Asian tourists were pointing and smiling.

Those were the hype for the week. This week started out pretty busy, but ended up not so much. Tomorrow we'll be splitting up to go to different groupings of the Body and I think the language group i'm going to is Burmese. We're going to try learning some songs in the local language so we can sing them when we're asked to sing each week. This upcoming week I believe I'll be with Uncle Ross, working on the NT revision for F. It should be pretty interesting and hopefully an entra pair of eyes will be helpful. My "thoughts" are with Nland this week as we all start school again and my friends face the bitter cold weather with negative temps and even worse wind chill. If you remember, please "think" of me as my classes start, that the internet connection will be reliable when I need it to be, and that it won't be too overwhelming when added to the workshop schedules. Love you all!

G&P to the Family!

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