Friday, January 14, 2011

Safely Here

I have arrived safely in SE Asia. We have been to the market, the grocery store, and on a major hunt for Pepsi :). School hasn't started yet, it should start up around Jan. 23 or 24th I believe, so I have another couple weeks to get the training schedule figured out before we add classwork to it. I am rooming with Kristy this trip, our apt view no longer includes the Pagoda as it did last time, so it's less draining to look outside everyday, although from this end of the hotel you can hear the call to prayer much more easily. Our work here has been sporadic the end of the week, but will start gearing up beginning on Monday.

Jetlag so far has been a bit more intense than last trip, but we are slowly recovering from that. I am attempting at this point to cram an entire section of grammar from one of our languages into my head so I can help with the training coming up, hopefully it'll work out better than english grammar typically does. :) Life overall is good, and we're all doing well, although a few of us could use some thoughts regarding their health. There seems to be a bug that's been going around the entire trip and has been difficult to shake. Birch and Aunt Cathy specifically haven't been feeling the greatest, but are trying to rest to catch up on energy.

I'm on dinner prep crew this week and next week, tonight it's hamburgers and potato chips (homemade). We sliced potatoes and prepped the burgers earlier this afternoon, after Hope and Becky and I took a quick trip to the store to get meat, buns, and potatoes.

Well that's about all for now, if you'd like to mention me to our Father, please remember the basics: rest, flexibility, love for our Father and the team, and time in the Word. (Not necessarily in this order, but you get the idea.)

G&P to the Family.

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  1. Definitely thinking of you, my friend! You're on dinner crew? haha I've never had homemade potato chips... cool Love ya :)