Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Primer Training and End of the Week

Yesterday (Wednesday) since the Writer's Handbook training had ended early the day before, I was able to ride along with Kristy, Hope, and Mrs. Frost to the Primer training at another college. It has been a great week as far as the trainings go. Both groups were very receptive, good at learning, and excited to use these materials in their own work. This will be exciting to see in the future where they have taken it.

This afternoon a little bit later, we are planning to take all the first-timers on a trip to the largest Pagoda in the world. Schwe da gon Pagoda. We can actually see it from our windows even though it's all the way across town. It's massive and is a very impressive addition to the city skyline. Although some people treat it like a tourist attraction, if you can process what you're watching while you're there, it's enough to bring you to tears. I plan to take more pics this time because of all the trip pics last time, I think those were the most effective in getting a point across, and they were the hardest to tear your eyes away from.

In other details of life, I'm still on supper crew for this week, we alternate cleanup after meals, and the week you're on supper prep, you're not on cleanup, so it's nice to have a break after dinner. That's typically been when I grab Becky and go to the exercise room for about half hour. We've only been here a little over a week, but life has certainly started off busy. I bought a guitar to use when the team sings each week. We named it Antonio, it's dark green and black around the edges. It's a pretty skinny guitar, but the sound that comes out is very clear and distinct. We plan to leave it with some friends here to use once we leave, so we can use it while we're here, and they can have one when we're gone.

For those who would like to "think" of me for specific things, there have been some changes recently in my life that I could really use some direction and guidance from our Father for. Also, I am always appreciative of sleep, that is a good thing to "think" about. Also in the next few weeks, school will be starting up again and the schedule will become busier than it is now, plus we will be leaving for another location in the country the 2nd and 3rd week of school to do some special trainings. Please "think" that it doesn't disrupt school too badly for when we return, and more importantly that it is helpful to the people there and that it is clear and understandable. It's for their benefit that we go. Otherwise we could just do our work on a computer and forget about meeting with people, but the training is where reality meets theory, and they sometimes collide, but other times they coincide beautifully. We are hoping for the latter. :) Well, that is about all I can think of to update right now. I appreciate all of you who are "thinking" regularly and hope these updates are a help to you and an encouragement. There are big things being done in the world, this is just one of many...but every person who is supporting it through "thinking of it" or doing whatever they can to help, well they are just as much a part of it as we are over here on the ground. It's all about the Gpl. And don't forget, He always wins in the end.

G&P to the Family, special shoutout to Nland where school starts back up in less than a week.

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