Friday, January 7, 2011

Packing and Getting Ready to Leave

I reached home last night after driving with Jon to Portland, flew from Portland, ME to Chicago, and then drove home from Chicago with my parents. The trip to Canada was AMAZING. :) I'm packing today and this weekend, then flying out on Monday from O'Hare at 1:16pm. I'll be meeting up with Kristy, Hope, and Becki at the airport and we'll be flying to SE Asia together.

Just a quick reminder, which I'll probably have to post on facebook too: Please remember that while I'm overseas all my internet will be fair game for gov't censorship and anything posted will be possibly and probably read by the gov. So, being aware of this, please refrain from posting any overly religious buzzwords. Within reason should be ok, but don't use words like "m-ss-nary" or "m-n-stry" or refer to any specifics going on in SE Asia. Please don't mention specific country names (except Thailand is ok). Anyway, just be aware that words we throw around in the US are not necessarily safe to use in some other parts of the world.

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