Sunday, January 16, 2011

First Sunday

Well, I can't guarantee I will post this frequently for the entire trip, but since school hasn't started yet, and our first training isn't until tomorrow (loads of time to prep) I figured I'd give a short update on life on the ground.

Sundays typically run at a slower pace than about every other day, excepting Saturdays which may or may not slow down. We go to a different c about every week, and usually one of our guys is asked to speak and the girls sing a song. Today one of our guys did speak, but we didn't end up singing. We were basically at the local version of Northland, which was encouraging and exciting to see people doing the same thing on the other side of the world and still having the same goals and ambitions that we do. That was really a neat chance to visit with students some. We usually go to a local c in a language we work with. Then we come home, eat leftovers or whatever's available, take some down time in the afternoon or go to the market on some errands we dont' have time to get around to during the week. In the evenings, we usually have some laidback supper together as a group, then have sharing time. It's a neat way for the entire team to get together at least twice a week (the other being our study on Wed. nights) and just share what's going on in our lives that week, something interesting we've seen, and possibly an idea of what our upcoming week will look like. It keeps us all mostly on the same page, and gives us tidbits from each other's activities that we weren't present for at the time. All in all, Sundays are fun, enjoyable, relaxing, and enlightening days over here. I am even contemplating adding in a trip to the exercise room somewhere in my weekend schedule... we shall see.

G&P to the Family.

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