Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Passport and Visa Progress

Merry Christmas to all, in an effort to keep everyone updated, my passport arrived today one day early from the embassy. I have my business visa for SE Asia. We are on schedule to head to New Brunswick, Canada tomorrow sometime. The schedule for the next few months should go as follows:

-December 29th, drive to Canada
-January 6th, fly to Chicago
-January 10th, fly to SE Asia
-March 16th, fly to Chiang Rai, Thailand
-March 25th, fly back to Northland
-May 14th - GRADUATION - drive home.

That's the basic skeleton structure of the next semester. I will also be posting pictures on the blog this time. I have found a way to link the blog with my picasa web albums, so keep checking back for more. I'm still posting some pictures from the last trip on the blog for those of us who don't check facebook. :) Some will probably still appear on facebook too. :)


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