Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Passport and Visa Progress

Merry Christmas to all, in an effort to keep everyone updated, my passport arrived today one day early from the embassy. I have my business visa for SE Asia. We are on schedule to head to New Brunswick, Canada tomorrow sometime. The schedule for the next few months should go as follows:

-December 29th, drive to Canada
-January 6th, fly to Chicago
-January 10th, fly to SE Asia
-March 16th, fly to Chiang Rai, Thailand
-March 25th, fly back to Northland
-May 14th - GRADUATION - drive home.

That's the basic skeleton structure of the next semester. I will also be posting pictures on the blog this time. I have found a way to link the blog with my picasa web albums, so keep checking back for more. I'm still posting some pictures from the last trip on the blog for those of us who don't check facebook. :) Some will probably still appear on facebook too. :)


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Update 2010

Well, it's been a crazy couple of months through the past semester. Exams are over and classwork is finished. Plans for Asia are coming to a conclusion. Departure is planned for the 10th of January from O'Hare in Chicago. I'll be taking 2 classes online for the entire semester, and 2 more block classes when I get back to campus for the last 6 weeks after Spring Break. With these four classes (and a few more i can hopefully sit in on when I return) should complete all the credits I still need. The next couple weeks should be rather busy but enjoyable. :) Jon and I will be in Danville, IL for Christmas and then drive to New Brunswick to spend the New Year with his family, meeting everybody else. I will then fly back home on the 6th, finish packing, and then fly to Asia four days later. :) Good stuff.

A lot of people have started asking some popular questions:
1. Are you going back to the same places?
2. Are you doing the same thing you did before?
3. Are you excited to go back?
4. Are you nervous about it after last time's adventures with your passport?

To answer these questions nearly simultaneously for everyone's benefit, most of them are yes and no at the same time. Yes, I'm going back to the same places, but also adding a few new destinations that I can't specifically name. We'll be in the same countries (excluding India) but going to more places outside the capitals. Yes, I'll be doing a lot more with literacy work that I got to watch and help with before, but I also will do more with the team and less with school work. They need more help on the literacy training, with maybe a little less observing of Greek and Hebrew. Yes, I'm definitely excited to go back, although obviously some of the first-time wonder is gone, but replaced with a settled deeper joy at knowing mostly what to expect and anticipating that work again. Finally, mostly no, I am not particularly nervous about the traveling, even after the excitement in Bangkok. I have learned a lot about manuevering through foreign countries and working in crowds and the public sector. While not an expert in all things Bangkok, I do feel more prepared to get through large international airports and cross-cultural settings without getting robbed and/or stranded.

So, basically it's great to see how our Father works these situations out to the way He's prepared. I am excited to go back and help with the work I saw last time. So, hopefully I'll be able to update again before heading out to Asia...