Sunday, February 21, 2010

unexpected events

Hey everyone,

Well, I have arrived, and really hope you can see this.  I just found out that my blog is blocked over here, so I can't get on to post or check comments.  I am trying to post through email, but have no idea if this will even work.  In this case, i am not sure how to proceed, but I will try to keep everyone updated the best ways I can.  I have access to gmail, nland's email as well as nland online and facebook.  I haven't checked all my other options, but I may leave the blog, or just try to update by emailing it if that will work.  We'll have to see how this goes, but for now, don't bother commenting because I can't get on the page to publish any. :) Feel free to keep emailing, and posting on facebook.  I'll try to let you all know what's going on when I figure that out. :)


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