Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sick and Shopping

Well, sorry these are getting shorter and shorter. Really quick update on this week. It's been an insane week of the simple rule of what can go wrong will go wrong, and what can't go wrong, can go wrong. Monday, my power cord for my computer died and was smashed open by a hammer and screwdriver. This did not fix it however, and I had to share with others which made it interesting to get work done. Tuesday, they bought me a new power cord with an Indian plug on the end, so I plugged it in and it was fine, but after lunch I plugged it in and sparks started flying out in different directions, mostly at me and Carla. Well, needless to say, that was the end of that, after the sparks came smoke. :) So, two power cords down in two days. Well, Wednesday I got yet another power cord, and this one has yet to die on me, however, internet access had been very limited and I still had not finished much schoolwork, also the book of Psalms had to be converted and imported from the Word file for Darlong to a better editing program, so I spent til late hours of the night working on that Tuesday night (with borrowed power cord) only to find that it was not the latest copy and would all have to be redone. Wednesday was a breath of fresh air, obviously :) when work started getting accomplished, until Wed. night when I started feeling sick to my stomach and soon followed that with vomiting in the middle of the night. All Thursday I was in bed sick, and got an injection to make my stomach settle down. Also, Thursday morning was the day that my roommate, Carla, was to leave for another undisclosed location in Southeast Asia with Kristy and others. So, Friday morning I was glad to finally be able to go back to work and try to help with footnotes for the Paite project from Genesis to Job, that took most of the day, until about 4pm or so, when Uncle Sana and Aunt Nancy took us shopping at a local village market. I got some salwars, shawls, and a bright neon green mosquito net for my bed. :) It was very interesting shopping in an Indian shop. It gives new meaning to shop til you drop. you go in, sit down on a step and they pull out everything in the store while you sit there and get buried in fabric. You say a color or style of clothing and the shelves explode at you til you say no more or pick something and bicker over the price. Uncle Sana argued most of my prices down for me, but I was very proud to be able to say I at least lowered the price of one salwar down 50 rupees, which isn't much, but made me feel slightly less American and stupid, or at least slightly less American... Anyway, after we got back from the market, we made pizza in the apt. and ate and kind of cleaned up, by this time it was 8 or 9 so I went back to Uncle Sana's and checked email before going to sleep. :) Ok, that was a brief overview of the past week, and it's all I have time for, so for now, take care!


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