Monday, February 15, 2010


Well, I almost feel like I should put a disclaimer on the last post and tell people I was tired when I wrote that one. Looking back it sounds a little down to me, and I would like to correct the impression it may have left with those of you who aren't here on a daily basis and can't see how things are going. Things are going very well. Yes, I've been having technical difficulties and this week seems especially bad on that end, but the Father has been teaching me a lot through this, and has really been showing me that dependence on Him is vital to my life and my work. I cannot be productive without His help, and have nothing to boast of except what He has done in my life.

This past week has been a fight, in the sense of me fighting to let go of all these tiny minor side things that I hold onto so tightly, thinking they make me good, or they make me a good student or a good worker, or a good child of my Father. Well, they don't. The only thing that makes me good is His work in me. The only reason i am worth anything is because of the worth that He has put in me. The only value I have, is the value I hold from Him. This is a humbling lesson to learn, but also a worthwhile one. If I sounded down or discouraged in previous posts, know this. There is work going on, and it is very vital work. It is getting done slowly-slowly, but it is not without resistance, and it is not going to finish itself. The sights, sounds, shops, excitement, etc. are fun, but the true value of your Asian vacation lies in the people you meet, and the books they read.

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