Monday, February 1, 2010


Well, I am finally here. :) After several days in airplanes and airports, I am officially in India, currently sitting in the office with Leah and Rachel trying to figure out my classes online as they work on editing. The trip went fine, for the most part-uneventful. Kolkata airport was probably the most exciting part, but that may have to wait for another day. The car ride back from the airport was literally an experience that would "blow your hair back" and even the girls who've already been here many times were a little nervous with the dodging and honking. Pretty much imagine downtown LA traffic during rush hour, put it in an offroad setting and then put the whole thing on steroids... :) I have a couple video clips of the drive, which i may post at a future date.

For now, I will try to get pics uploaded soon, and write more when I figure out internet connection better. Thanks for the support and prayers. :)



  1. Can't wait for the pictures! How are you doing? Do you have massive jet lag? How bad is the heat?

  2. Sorry, I forgot to tell you - that particular Anonymous is Bethany .... - bethany again.