Sunday, January 31, 2010

Status: In Transit

I'm typing this from the Bangkok airport, and the current local time is 2:31am, Monday morning. The flights have gone well from Green Bay to Chicago, a stopover in Tokyo, and now Bangkok. As far as I can tell the heavy duty flying time is over for now, but the major challenges in the next stage of the trip should be off the airplane, such as customs in India and maneuvering terminals, currency exchange, etc. :) But that's tomorrow's adventure, or should I say today in a few hours. My outlet adaptor is working, my computer is charging in a Thai outlet, and I think Maxwell likes it. :) He's a pretty international computer. Well, with all this free time on my hands, I think I shall attempt to get some school done. Who would guess I'm listening to lectures for Romans class?

G&P and will try to update more when i arrive at Silchar.


  1. How much English do you hear? Can you pick out out different languages out of the general roar?

  2. praying, and waiting to hear that you've arrived. Love you KB!