Sunday, January 31, 2010

Status: In Transit

I'm typing this from the Bangkok airport, and the current local time is 2:31am, Monday morning. The flights have gone well from Green Bay to Chicago, a stopover in Tokyo, and now Bangkok. As far as I can tell the heavy duty flying time is over for now, but the major challenges in the next stage of the trip should be off the airplane, such as customs in India and maneuvering terminals, currency exchange, etc. :) But that's tomorrow's adventure, or should I say today in a few hours. My outlet adaptor is working, my computer is charging in a Thai outlet, and I think Maxwell likes it. :) He's a pretty international computer. Well, with all this free time on my hands, I think I shall attempt to get some school done. Who would guess I'm listening to lectures for Romans class?

G&P and will try to update more when i arrive at Silchar.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not Long Now

Well, with the departure date 8 days away and Northland 2 days away, I'm into the final stages of packing and preparing to leave. The Commissioning service with church last Sunday night went extremely well and even though public speaking will never be my strong point, my Father let the details get across of what this trip will entail. There's not a lot of news to report at this point. I leave for Northland with my parents this Saturday in the morning. I'll spend a week at Northland attending the first day of each of my classes, meeting the teachers, getting the syllabi, discussing what the online classes will include, and having training sessions with the other study abroad students who are leaving for other areas of the world. After a week of training and discussions and going over details, I will fly out on Saturday, January 30th, at about 6am from Green Bay. I will probably try to write a few short updates from each airport, depending on how long it takes to find an outlet and an internet connection :). Anyway, that's basically what's going on now. I look forward to reporting more from the other side of the world. :)


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Flight Details and such

Well, since the last post I also got the Typhoid shot, and hopefully am done with shots for a while, just malaria medicine yet to take. I also got a list of the flights I'll be taking for the trip except the final flight from Maine to Green Bay in May when I go back to school. I'll be flying out of Green Bay January 30th at 6am and flying to Chicago. After a 5 hour layover there I'll fly out of Chicago stop in Tokyo to refuel then make it to Bangkok where I'll get in about 11:45pm on Sunday, spend about 9 hours there then fly to Calcutta the next morning where I'll spend most of the late morning/early afternoon in that airport, then get a connecting flight to Silchar which is my actual destination.

I also found out that since our trip is over April 18th, I'll be spending about 3 weeks in Maine working on follow-up to the projects with the Champeons. So, for right now, the focus is more on packing and getting visa applications taken care of, my visa app. for India has already been sent in, but the one for Myanmar is about to get sent this upcoming week I believe. The day is quickly approaching, the countdown is currently 27 days, 14 hrs, 30 mins, 30 secs til takeoff. :) And the seconds keep ticking away. That's where things stand, I appreciate all prayer on this because I know that this is something God is going to do through me with His strength, I definitely can't do this on my own. :) Til the next update--grace and peace.