Monday, December 28, 2009

Progress is Pointed.

Well, today I got the blood test and TB skin test required for my physical by BMM to go. I also got the Polio booster shot and Hepatitus A shot recommended for basically any country in Asia. :) I can honestly say it's been a while since I came out of the doctor's office with so many bandaids, but it was definitely worth it. :) I still have a few more shots to get, but other than that the preparations will turn more to the Commissioning service with church, which involves answering some questions for my pastor and telling the church body more about the trip, then come the fun stages of packing, figuring out plane ticket details, and hearing where I'll be staying for about three weeks after we get back. :) The current possibilities are (A) going back to Northland early and finishing up classes and BI projects there, (B) going to Maine with the Champeons to help finish up projects, or (C) going to Grand Rapids to BI headquarters to help Mr. Glenn Kerr with projects there. Any of the above scenarios suggested sounds great to me, but I'm still waiting to see what gets decided.

Another highlight of today was checking the mail and getting an authentic Manipuri (large tribe in the section of India where we'll be working) skirt from the Champeons... talk about the highlight of my Christmas. :) It's pretty amazing and it fits perfectly. Well, that's all on this front. More news will be coming soon as packing and planning continues. Feel free to be praying now. :) God is already at work. Romans is amazing!

Grace and peace and some leftover Christmas cheer from the fridge. ;)


  1. What shots do you have left? -Bethany

  2. Well, after this post I went back and had the TB test read, which was fine, and they also gave me the Typhoid shot, so all I really have left is the malaria preventative meds to take and then another Hep. A shot in 6 months when i'm back. :)