Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Immunizations and Doctors

Today I went in for the physical examination that BMM requires and also talked with the doctor about the required immunizations to go to the different countries in question. Complete blood testing and TB skin testing will commence on Monday as well as continuing talks of where to obtain immunizations for such diseases as typhoid, malaria, etc. The doctor was quite helpful and friendly. :) I also have been in contact with Mr. Vauters at Northland who is in the middle of my visa applications as well as purchasing the ticket for the first flight out there (more power to him in dealing with commercial airlines and the governments) and with Dr. Champeon getting advice and instructions for packing. The departure date as of right now is either January 30th or 31st. Depending on the layover and flight times I am estimating arrival sometime February 1st. As of right now I am packing, reading my Bible, trying to keep checking email for information I need to supply to various sources, and praying for the future ministry opportunities. My mom and I got a chance to discuss little tidbits I could bring over. This is the ideal time to have a mom who is an elementary teacher and addicted to buying children's books. :) Anyway, that's my extremely overdue report on the status of the trip. Feel free to ask questions, I will try to keep everyone posted.

Grace and Peace to my siblings in the largest family on earth.

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