Monday, November 23, 2009

Support Information

Well, so far I'm still just working on paperwork and figuring out details. The VISA process hasn't begun yet because they're still determining the itinerary, but should be started within the next week or so. Some people have asked if I'm going to be raising support, or if I need any extra money besides my normal school bill to go on this trip. This has been a point of confusion from a communication standpoint because originally it was said that there was no cost for the trip outside the normal school bill, but that has been clarified. So, here's what's going on. Northland tuition and room and board will cover my online classes, my expenses living over there for the entire semester, and then I am responsible to pay for my passport (which I've already purchased) the VISA's which will be added to my school bill as Northland gets it processed, and the plane ticket, which wasn't anticipated to be a big deal, however now it's looking like the plane ticket might be half the cost of the projected trip budget. So, that will also be added to my school bill for next semester.

So, I'm not officially raising any support, because most expenses are still covered by Northland, but if you feel led to support this trip financially, I would gladly accept support for this ministry, although I'm still definitely going even if no additional money comes in, because this is definitely where the Father wants me. So, if you are interested feel free to email Denny Vauters ( He will know better than I will how much the plane ticket is going to cost, and how much remains to be covered. He will also be able to tell you where to send it or how to go about it. :)

That's about all the new information I have right now. I'm in the process of working through the next round of paperwork for BMM and also trying to keep up with classes and keep my grades up. Well, that's all for now.

Grace and peace.


  1. Is the cost of the ticket increased because of where you're stopping over, or is it just one of those random things?

  2. I'm really not sure. It might be increased simply because there are lots of short flights that connect us from one country to another...