Friday, November 6, 2009


Well, I ordered Bibleworks 8.0 last night online.  I was advised to get it for the upcoming trip next semester so I could help with doing word searches and other processes.  I’d already been advised to get it for Hebrew class, but this was kind of a better reason in my head to spend that much money on a computer program.  It should get here within the next few days and as soon as I have my Dell here I’ll start installing it on there.  I’ll probably also install it on biyn (my HP) so I can use it for class the rest of the semester as well. J  At this point I am still awaiting my passport, along with official approval from BMM, but I have my class list:


-Biblical Womanhood

-Systematic Theology II

-I Corinthians


-Internship (which is really the 3 credits I get for being an “off campus” student, although it will involve a little writing, but I don’t anticipate that being a major problem. J)


Those are the classes I’ll be registering for, and as soon as I get approval and have the passport, we’ll start working on Visa applications and then probably plane tickets, and as it is I’m trying to figure out packing in my head right now.  My plan for clothing is to take about a week’s worth of clothing and to buy the rest there since it will help me to blend in a little more, although the red hair won’t help with that, it should help the local economy (buy local!), it should be pretty inexpensive, and it will save room in packing as well as supply me with a full wardrobe of some pretty awesome clothes to take home.  Seems to be a winning combination. J  That’s where things are right now.  I appreciate your prayers and if you feel like commenting, those are always appreciated too. J


Grace and peace.

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