Thursday, November 26, 2009


Just for any of you who've been valiantly trying to comment on previous posts, I would like to announce that the problem with commenting if you don't have a google account has been fixed. Anyone can comment, but I think I have to approve any comments before they get posted. :) Feel free to leave comments and I'll try to answer any questions or just respond relatively quickly. :)

Grace and peace and a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Support Information

Well, so far I'm still just working on paperwork and figuring out details. The VISA process hasn't begun yet because they're still determining the itinerary, but should be started within the next week or so. Some people have asked if I'm going to be raising support, or if I need any extra money besides my normal school bill to go on this trip. This has been a point of confusion from a communication standpoint because originally it was said that there was no cost for the trip outside the normal school bill, but that has been clarified. So, here's what's going on. Northland tuition and room and board will cover my online classes, my expenses living over there for the entire semester, and then I am responsible to pay for my passport (which I've already purchased) the VISA's which will be added to my school bill as Northland gets it processed, and the plane ticket, which wasn't anticipated to be a big deal, however now it's looking like the plane ticket might be half the cost of the projected trip budget. So, that will also be added to my school bill for next semester.

So, I'm not officially raising any support, because most expenses are still covered by Northland, but if you feel led to support this trip financially, I would gladly accept support for this ministry, although I'm still definitely going even if no additional money comes in, because this is definitely where the Father wants me. So, if you are interested feel free to email Denny Vauters ( He will know better than I will how much the plane ticket is going to cost, and how much remains to be covered. He will also be able to tell you where to send it or how to go about it. :)

That's about all the new information I have right now. I'm in the process of working through the next round of paperwork for BMM and also trying to keep up with classes and keep my grades up. Well, that's all for now.

Grace and peace.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well, it seems that every time I fill out one form, someone sends me three more to fill out. :) The progress is still there, but it does get overwhelming at times. However, that's when I look at the cross and remember why I signed up for this at the beginning. I'm not going to make it a grand vacation, I am going to serve my Father and see if this is the field He wants me in permanently. I am excited and looking forward to see what happens. If you want something to pray for, patience is a good one. As well you might also pray for endurance to make it to the end of this semester strong, there is a lot of work left and it's easy to get too tired. The end is in sight though. Anyway, that's where things stand at the moment. I will definitely be on campus for the first week of classes and then flying out to meet the Champeons that Saturday or Sunday. That's what I know for now, friends.

Grace and peace.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

BMM Approval

So, this is a day late, but I was so excited yesterday I didn't get a chance to update here. BMM emailed me yesterday and said my application for short termer missions has been approved! :) So the only things remaining now are getting the plane ticket and the VISAs to enter the countries. :) EXCITEMENT!! As always, more details will follow. Please pray for getting the Visas, they can take a while, and some are easier than others. Also, pray for the translation projects we'll be consulting with, that God would make our time there profitable for them and for us and for unity in the work we are all a part of. :)

Grace and peace!

Monday, November 9, 2009


As you may have guessed from the picture in the heading, my passport came today! :) It was expedited, but even I didn't expect it to come in 10 days from applying to receiving it in the mail. :) That is a major praise that we will be able to apply for a Visa sooner than hoped for. Also in the good news category, I think Bibleworks came in the mail today, but since I didn't get there until after the mailroom closed for the day, I just got the package slip. I'm fairly certain it will be Bibleworks, so I plan to pick that up tomorrow and start learning how to use it effectively. :) That's about all for now. More to come!

Grace and peace. :)

Wednesday Staff Meeting

I received an email from Rev. Steve Fulks of BMM this afternoon, officially telling me that he has all the information necessary to present me as a candidate for service to the BMM staff meeting on Wednesday, and he will email me shortly afterward to let me know whether or not I have official approval. :) So, more updates to come on Wednesday. :) Also, Bibleworks should be here sometime in the next few days, and my computer should be here within a week or two. Also the passport should come in soon. That's about all I know.

Grace and peace. :)

Friday, November 6, 2009


Well, I ordered Bibleworks 8.0 last night online.  I was advised to get it for the upcoming trip next semester so I could help with doing word searches and other processes.  I’d already been advised to get it for Hebrew class, but this was kind of a better reason in my head to spend that much money on a computer program.  It should get here within the next few days and as soon as I have my Dell here I’ll start installing it on there.  I’ll probably also install it on biyn (my HP) so I can use it for class the rest of the semester as well. J  At this point I am still awaiting my passport, along with official approval from BMM, but I have my class list:


-Biblical Womanhood

-Systematic Theology II

-I Corinthians


-Internship (which is really the 3 credits I get for being an “off campus” student, although it will involve a little writing, but I don’t anticipate that being a major problem. J)


Those are the classes I’ll be registering for, and as soon as I get approval and have the passport, we’ll start working on Visa applications and then probably plane tickets, and as it is I’m trying to figure out packing in my head right now.  My plan for clothing is to take about a week’s worth of clothing and to buy the rest there since it will help me to blend in a little more, although the red hair won’t help with that, it should help the local economy (buy local!), it should be pretty inexpensive, and it will save room in packing as well as supply me with a full wardrobe of some pretty awesome clothes to take home.  Seems to be a winning combination. J  That’s where things are right now.  I appreciate your prayers and if you feel like commenting, those are always appreciated too. J


Grace and peace.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Well, I had a meeting with the GO office today and I can finally say it's definite. I have the "green light" from Northland and have a list of classes that I'll be taking next semester.  At this point, we're waiting on the passport to come in and then working out flight details and visa details with BMM along with waiting for the formal approval from BMM.  After that I'll just start reading the required books and praying for finances and wisdom. :)  That's where we are right now.  :)

Grace and peace