Saturday, October 31, 2009

It started out as a meeting...

Well, this "journey" started out in Mr. Cushman's office discussing possibilities for the fall semester of my senior year.  It quickly became much more than a possibility in the distant future, however, when it became spring semester of Junior year (which is next semester as I write this halfway through fall semester of Junior year).

Now, it has grown significantly from still being a "neat possibility" to being likely reality in the next few months.  I applied for a passport yesterday in Iron Mountain, Michigan.  They took my picture, confirmed the information on my application (which I had to redo in their office because I had some fields left blank and had put the wrong mailing address on it) and then sent it on its way to whichever government office approves those.

I have numerous blogs on the web, so why another one?  Well, this blog is hopefully going to be how I can communicate with people while on the road.  I obviously won't have time to send long personal emails to everyone who has said, "Make sure to keep in touch while you're gone."  So, I'm going to keep in touch, hopefully with quite a few people in one shot. :)  I should still be on facebook from time to time theoretically.  We'll just have to see.  Anyway, that's the purpose of the blog and until I get where I'm going I'll get plenty of practice by using this to update on the progress towards leaving.

Unfortunately I don't yet have details set in stone, so I'm going to leave that for another time and say what I do know at this point.

Here's where things stand right now:

I have all the forms filled out for NIU.  I have all the forms for BMM mailed in.  As far as classes for next semester, NIU thinks they'll line up just fine.  I have, as I said before, applied for a passport.  At this point I'm waiting for that to come back, I have another meeting with GO on Monday at 3pm to touch bases again.  Once the passport comes through it'll be time to apply for visas and hopefully BMM will have officially approved at that point.  After that, I believe the plan is for me to go home for a normal Semester break in Dec. and Jan. and to come back as normal spring semester.  I would be at on-campus for the first week of school to have orientation with my online classes and the LMS system, then I would go to Grand Rapids to BI headquarters and then the tentative departure date is Jan. 26th.  From there we head to India for a few weeks and then to Southeast Asia for the rest of the semester.  I will then theoretically get back for the last week, which is finals week and catch up with the GO office and then go home for the summer.

So keep checking back if you're interested.  I'll try to keep this blog updated with what is going on as far as the trip and just what the Father is teaching me. :)

Grace and peace.

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